Calling all volunteers


Volunteering is a fun way to be a part of this event, meet lots of amazing people and enjoy a camaraderie driven event experience!

Various opportunities for Course Marshals (see details for each on the SignUp page). For further  instructions and tasks see content below.

All volunteers will receive an event T-shirt, water, food voucher. and snack bar.

All volunteers receive the endless appreciation of the entire mountain bike community and White Tank Mountains Conservancy.

All volunteers should be prepared to spend quality time in the outdoors. Please remember to bring proper clothing, food & water, sunscreen and an open mind.


Email Steve Rugh, Volunteer Coordinator at

Thank you,

White Tank Mountains Conservancy

how do i volunteer?

1. Sign Up

There are several opportunities as listed on the sign up. We are needing your help as Course Marshals, who are positioned at key points along the course to assist riders and to provide emergency communication if needed. Click on the button to sign up for a time and location.

Sign Up

2. Complete Volunteer Waiver

Download and fill out the Volunteer Waiver. Please scan the SIGNED waiver and send to ahead of time, or bring it with you to the event. If you are part of a group, please designate one person to collect all of the waivers and submit together in one email. 

Volunteer Waiver

3. Read the Course Marshal Instruction

Course Marshals have an active role in ensuring safety on the course. Course Marshals stand at key marshal points along the course to warn riders of hazards, direct riders, ensure fair play and provide rapid response to incidents.

Course marshal instruction

Course marshal instructions


First, thank you for volunteering!


Your time and energy are an integral part of the event’s success. Course Marshals have an active role in ensuring safety on the course. Course Marshals stand at key marshal points along the course to warn riders of hazards, direct riders, ensure fair play and provide rapid response to incidents. Course Marshals may also act as crossing guards and/or event representatives to other trail users. Additionally, course marshals are responsible to communicate report any incidents or to call in medical assistance. You will be provided an emergency contact sheet – please keep it on your person throughout the duration of the event. A note pad is provided to keep track of any outside support, rule violations and riders who abandon the race. Course Marshals can hike or ride bikes to their marshal points. Lastly, remember to cheer on those riders as they pass by!  


Course Marshal Goals and Tasks

  •  Increase safety for riders and participants;  
  • Enhance communication on course to provide for faster response to injuries and situations  requiring assistance;  
  • Direct riders to stay on course;  
  • Discourage and report course cutting and/or inappropriate behavior, including non-racers riding  on course;  
  • Record and report “dropped riders” (riders that are abandoning the race)  
  • Record and report riders receiving mechanical assistance (a 5-minute penalty applies to riders  receiving outside support);  
  • Record and report riders that exhibit poor sportsmanship (inappropriate language, aggressive  behavior)  
  • Provide encouragement;  
  • Look out for and warn spectators, and other trail users (especially watch for young children and  dogs);  
  • Repair broken course markings;  

If you Marshal in the afternoon, after you are relieved from your position by the Final Sweeper,  please take out as much as possible course markings and items dropped by riders.  


In Case of an Injured Rider and/or Emergency:  

1) Remain calm;  

2) Announce yourself cell phone (i.e., “Course Marshal 2 calling Chief Marshal”). Please call the Jeff Frost at 928-380-0633 when reporting the accident /situation;  

3) Identify the location of downed rider in relationship to your marshal post number (e.g., “500 feet before MP 3”);  

4) Identify the race plate number of the injured or sick rider, but do not report their name;  

5) Provide an initial assessment of the injury (do not provide treatment beyond your training);  

6) As much as possible, provide clothing/cover to keep injured warm and reassured;  

7) If injury is traumatic, prevent unnecessary movement of the rider’s head & neck;  

8) Do not allow a coach or spectator to interfere with caring for rider;  

9) If necessary, ask for spectators and/or other riders to help control rider traffic around downed rider; and  

10) Wait calmly for help to arrive.  

11) IF you cannot reach Jeff, DIAL 911.  


Volunteer Downloads

volunteer waiver 2019 (pdf)


Course Marshal Instruction 2019 (pdf)


White tank Mountains conservancy


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